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About Builders Guide

Builders Guide is the most complete catalog for any and all products and knowledge needed to build up a 4-wheel drive. Allowing consumers to see as many options available for their vehicle and decide which option is best for their build.

Builders Guide does not sell any products, it only shows customers what is available and links customers to websites where they can learn more and purchase the products they are interested in.

Builder’s Guide is FREE for every company. No matter if you have one product or 10,000. Builders Guide will always be FREE.


Builders Guide was born out of Joel Moranton’s passion for the Toyota Off-Road Community. The idea came from Joel’s search for a front bumper for his 1996 Tacoma. After hours of searching forums, websites, and social media, he had several web browser tabs opens and decided all this information should be in one place. In the following years, the website was built and destroyed serval times as the layout, backend functions, and user experience were optimized. Just like building an off-road truck, websites are never finished or perfect but this version has 90% of the features he wanted.

Goals of Builders Guide

The goal of Builders Guide is to allow consumers to find and compare aftermarket accessory for their 4×4. With the goal to be a as complete as possible. As consumers search through our catalog they will find interesting and useful knowledge notes about their vehicle. These technical notes are tied to the Year, Make, and Model that the user is searching for. Once the consumer has found the product they would like to purchase they can reach out to the manufacture or reseller that is linked on the product page. If the consumer would like help installing or modifying their vehicle the business directory is perfect to find help local to them.


The off-road community has been my passion for many years. I have been in the media and marketing side of the community since 2008. Through my experience, I have seen so many people trying to find and access the best accessories and parts for their vehicle, often calling me for advice. This is why I wanted to create an easy and comprehensive way for businesses and manufacturers in our community to be more visible to their customers.

To that end, the Builders Guide website provides free advertising to all business off-road community no matter the size. This website is as complete as possible catalog of off-road parts and knowledge that will drive business to your business. The goal is for your potential customers to be able to compare parts they need or want for their rigs, with convenient links to your website to purchase the parts – all the while finding interesting bits of information about their trucks.

-Joel Moranton


Populating Builders Guide is a very time-consuming process and we only have a small crew. We will get to your business eventually, however, you can help us move your business up the line by filling out your business profile questionnaire. These answers will be used to optimize your business profile page.

To get your products listed you can send us a data load sheet that includes all the product detail and image URLs. For more information about this please reach out to Joel.


Here is an example of how the consumer will use the site: Someone wants a new front bumper for their Toyota Tacoma. They come to and enter Make, Model, and Year. They will be shown all available product categories for their rig and they select Armor > Front Bumpers. Above each category, they will get some technical knowledge about the selected rig, these notes can be sponsored. The site will then show them all the front bumpers (or whatever part they are looking for) available for their rig. They will be able to compare each one and pick their favorite. After they have made a selection they can go to either the manufacturers’ or resellers’ website to purchase the product or contact them. Then to install the product they will be able to locate an off-road shop that can assist them if needed.

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Builder Guides Catalog Sponsorship Information

Thank you for your interest in supporting Builders Guide by Moranton Media. We have several marketing opportunities available!

List your products and Business
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It is free to have relevant products listed in our catalog and relevant businesses in our directory. You can request any edits and updates to be made to the info on this site at any time. Allow your products to be found by potential customers and your business to be found in our directory.

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Technical Notes
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You can also verify or provide technical notes about any vehicle for any product category. Your note will be displayed with a link to your business. All notes are on a first come first serve basis. Businesses can only be removed from their note if they; ask to be removed, they go out of business, or another business/person proves that note to be wrong.

Paid Partnerships:

Web Banners:
Standard web banner ads are available at $20 a month for 2023 and will be added to the rotation of the Google Ads, and other display network ads. The following ad sizes should be provided. 970×90, 728×90, 320×50 and 300×250

Product Category Partnership:
Each Product Category for each vehicle generation is available for partnership. There are 1000s of combinations of categories and subcategories. If someone is already a partner of a category you would like to take over then it can be opened up for an auction. The new brand must bid $50 over the current brand’s monthly rate of that category. The current holding brand can counter-offer at $25 over that to keep their slot.

Starting rates for Product Category Partnerships are $25 a month or $400 for 2-years. This price is locked in with no possible out bidding until Jan 1, 2025, or through the 2-year contract.

Brand A is the holding partnership of the Armor Category at $50 a month.
Brand B would like to take over the partnership of the Armor Category. Brand B must offer $100 a month to take over that category, $50 over the current price. Brand A can counteroffer to hold that category at $125, $25 over Brand B’s bid. Brand B must outbid Brand A by $50 to take over. Brand A only has to bid $25 over to hold their category. Brand A retains partnership at the original monthly price until the auction is finished.

Until Jan 1, 2025, each Product Category Partnerships includes all vehicle generations for the selected model. Example: If you would like to be the Product Category Partner of 4Runner Front Bumpers you will get 1st-5th Gen 4Runners for the one introduction price of $25 a month or $400 for 2-years. After Jan 1, 2025 or your two-year term, you will retain all the categories you are listed on at the single price point until you are outbid on a single generation of the vehicle. At that time normal bidding will start for that one generation but the other generation price will not be changed.